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Upstream - Oil and Gas Processing

Combining state-of-the-art technologies from our licensor and the Make In India effectiveness, we supply a wide range of oil & gas processing packages, including Oil & Gas Separation Systems, Crude Oil Stabilization Units, Gas Dehydration Units (Glycol and Molecular Sieve), Dew Point Control Units, Natural Gas Liquids Plants and Fuel Gas Conditioning Units.
Natural gas is usually moisture-saturated at well-head conditions.  Unless removed, this moisture can cause several problems for downstream processes and equipment like water drop out, corrosion, hydrate formation or even icing in cryogenic cases.  Glycol dehydration units effectively remove the moisture content from the natural gas to make it suitable for pipeline and CNG applications.
  • Large gas capacity with a low moisture specification
  • Low energy consumption
  • Environment Friendly Design
Cryogenic applications like LNG / LPG require bone-dry natural gas to prevent icing and other related problems in their units.  Thus, molecular sieve dehydration technology is used to effectively remove moisture content down to less than 1 ppmv.
The unit consists of two or more identical mol sieve beds which alternate the operations between a dehydration mode a regeneration mode. Switching from dehydration to regeneration is carried out by automatic switching valves as the bed becomes moisture-saturated. Our tailor-made skid-mounted units offer the following benefits:
  • Skid-mounted units for simple installation and mobility purposes
  • Low level of moisture removal (Up to 1 ppmv)
Natural gas / Associated gas is often rich in higher hydrocarbons which need to be removed for easy transportation and sales.  Additionally, these heavier hydrocarbons are a valuable commodity as condensate.  These units can also be set up for simultaneous removal of moisture.   Our process experts integrate a series of components that cover processing needs from beginning to end, including compression and stabilization (if required).
Quanta designs and supplies tailor-made skid-mounted Dew Point Control units which offer the following benefits:
  • Options for JT / Turbine Expansion as well as External Refrigeration
  • Low energy consumption
  • Minimize / eliminate inhibitor injection
Higher hydrocarbons fetch premium values and their full recovery from natural / associated gas offers attractive returns.  Natural Gas Liquid (NGL) Plants are set up to carry out distillation for the complete recovery of NGLs.  More complex plant carry out cryogenic distillation to recover LPG featuring pressurized storage in the form of bullets.
Quanta designs and supplies tailor-made skid-mounted NGL units which offer the following benefits:
  • Full recovery of high value components from gas
  • Low energy consumption

We have fabrication facility available locally as well as at port