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Midstream - Pipeline and Distribution

Combining state-of-the-art technologies from our licensor and the Make In India effectiveness, we supply skid-mounted Vapour Recovery Units (VRU) from tanker filling terminals (Road, Rail and Marine Tankers) and Transmix Reclamation Units (TRU) for mixed materials formed in pipeline due to co-mingling of products during pipeline transfer.
Vapour Recovery Units (VRU) recover hydrocarbon vapours displaced during the filling operations of gasoline / diesel.  Our systems are designed to operate continuously, unattended, in remote and harsh environments. An operator does not need to make any adjustments or changes in the operating parameters. If a malfunction occurs, the system will safely shut down automatically and notify the operator.
Using the Lean Oil Absorption Technology, our system allows the vapours to flow up the absorber while refrigerated lean oil flows downwards.  The lean oil absorbs the hydrocarbons while clean air is vented from the system.
Quanta designs and supplies tailor-made skid-mounted VRUs which offer the following benefits:
  • Flexible to varying flow rates, dirty vapour streams
  • Unaffected by high ambient humidity, high / low ambient temperatures
  • Low initial capital cost & lowest operating costs
Cross-country product pipelines are normally used to transfer different refinery products based on their demands.  In case of such product changeovers, the two products tend to co-mingle at interchange boundaries.  This co-mingled material is called as transmix.  The TRU is installed at the receiving end of the pipeline and it effectively reclaims the two original products and prevents from creation of slop material.  It uses the state-of-the-art Fractional Distillation technology.
Quanta designs and supplies tailor-made skid-mounted TRUs which offer the following benefits:
  • Complete Reclamation of the products (No slop created – no blending / disposal issues)
  • Increased revenue for the terminal
  • Inherently safe system
  • Small footprint

We have fabrication facility available locally as well as at port