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Specialty Chemicals Plant - Dahej, Gujarat, India

Sector of activity


Year of completion



USD 25 Million

Project Mandate

Quanta Process Solutions was awarded a contract to provide extended essential, detailed procurement engineering and construction management for the facility manufacturing a speciality Chemicals for Greenfield Acetonitrile Production Facility.

Project Description

The new

Greenfield Acetonitrile Production Facility, Specialty Chemicals Plant would comprise Process Plant, Utility block, RM storage and product storage. The facility consists of reaction stages followed by a multi-stage distillation system for the separation and finalization of the product.

Services Provided

  • Basic and Detail Engineering
  • SIL Study & HAZOP Study
  • Procurement Engineering
  • Construction Management

Number of Equipment

There were more than 230 equipment.

The project features

  • Grass-root plant facility
  • Reactors, Distillation columns, vessels, agitators, decanters, filters, pumps, tanks
  • PESO Storages, Drum loading, Ammonia storage
  • Utilities like boiler, coal handling, ash handling, DM Water, CW, ETP, DG Set, etc.
  • About 95 Procurement Inquiries

Professional personnel assigned to project

Number of persons (Peak Load)50

Duration (months)8