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Detailed Engineering

The prime success of detailed engineering is having an integrated approach to project co-ordination, management and design. This helps to create an enhanced and comprehensive design work; hence making it cost-effective and efficient execution.

Project Co-ordination and Management

  • Engineering Coordination
  • Client Interface
  • Project Monitoring
  • Critical Path Tracking

Piping Design

  • Piping Material Specifications
  • Equipment Layouts
  • Piping Layout Plans, Isometrics
  • Pipe Stress Analysis
  • Bill of Materials

Instrument Engineering

  • Specs for Field Instruments and Control Panel
  • Instrument Location Plans
  • Cable Location Plans
  • Cable Layouts

Electrical Engineering

  • SLD, Specs for Transformer, PCC, MCC and Specific items
  • Cable Sizing and Layouts, Lighting, Earthing Layouts
  • Cathodic Protection

Civil / Structural Design and Engineering

  • Gradation and Earth Works
  • Building and Structures
  • Equipment Foundation and Pipe Racks

Safety & Fire Protection

  • HAZOP & HAZID Workshops
  • SIL Studies
  • Fire Protection Systems