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HCFC Plant - Dahej, Gujarat, India

Sector of activity


Year of Completion



USD 34 Million

Project Mandate

To provide extended basic and detail engineering, procurement assistance and construction support for the facility producing hydro-chloro-fluoro-carbon (HCFC) based on AHF and other raw materials.

Project Description

The HCFC Plant project involved multi-stage reactions and distillations and other separations to produce hydro-chloro-fluorocarbons.

Services Provided

  • Extended Basic Engineering, Detail Engineering, Procurement Assistance and Construction Support

Number of Equipment

  • There were about 200 number of equipment.

The project features

  • Grass-root plant set-up
  • Plant capacity 125 TPD hydro-chlorofluoro-carbons (HCFC)
  • Specialty Metallurgy
  • Process equipment consists of absorbers, distillation columns, heatexchangers, vessels, tank, specialty agitators, pumps, filters, ejectors
  • Storage facility, Utility Generation, Incineration, ETP

Professional personnel assigned to project

Number of persons (Peak Load)58

Duration (Months)20