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HCFC Plant - Dahej, Gujarat, India

Sector of activity


Year of Completion



USD 34 Million

Project Mandate

To provide extended basic and detailed engineering, procurement assistance and construction support for the facility producing Hydro Chloro Fluoro Carbons (HCFC) based on AHF and other raw materials.

Project Description

The Hydro Chloro Fluoro Carbons (HCFC) Plant project involved multi-stage reactions and distillations and other separations to produce hydro-chloro-fluorocarbons.

Services Provided

  • Extended Basic Engineering, Detail Engineering, Procurement Assistance and Construction Support

Number of Equipment

  • There were about 200 number of equipment.

The project features

  • Grass-root plant set-up
  • Plant capacity 125 TPD hydro-chlorofluoro-carbons (HCFC)
  • Specialty Metallurgy
  • Process equipment consists of absorbers, distillation columns, heatexchangers, vessels, tank, specialty agitators, pumps, filters, ejectors
  • Storage facility, Utility Generation, Incineration, ETP

Professional personnel assigned to project

Number of persons (Peak Load)58

Duration (Months)20