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Specialty Chemicals Plant - Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, India

Sector of activity


Year of completion



Rs. 34.0 Crores

Project Mandate

To provide basic engineering, detail engineering, procurement, project management and HAZOP for Hexamine production facility.

Project Description

The Hexamine Production Facility Plant project involves the production of Hexamine using formaldehyde and other raw materials.

Services Provided

  • Basic Engineering, Detail Engineering, Procurement, Project Management, HAZOP

Number of Equipment

  • There are about 70 number of equipment.

The project features

  • Grass-root plant set-up
  • Plant capacity 20 TPD Hexamine
  • Process equipment consists of scrubbers, distillation columns, vessels, tanks, agitators, pumps and filters
  • Storage Facility and Utility Generation

Professional personnel assigned to project

Number of persons (Peak Load)26

Duration (Months)24