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Chloroform & CTC Purification - Dahej, Gujarat, India

Sector of activity


Year of Completion



USD 4.5 Million

Project Mandate

To provide basic engineering and detail engineering for separating Chloroform and Carbon tetra-chloride (CTC) from the mixture.

Project Description

The Chloroform and CTC purification project involved the basic engineering and detail engineering to separate chloroform and CTC from the mixture using a multiple distillation column system. Chloroform and CTC are recovered with the specifications meeting the requirements set by the client.

Services Provided

  • Basic Engineering, Detail Engineering

Number of Equipment

  • There were about 40 number of equipment.

The project features

  • Grass-root plant set-up
  • Plant capacity 126 TPD Chloroform
  • Specialty metallurgy
  • Optimization of distillation columns
  • Equipment includes Columns, heat exchangers, pumps, receivers, etc.
  • PFD and P&ID Development
  • Equipment Layout
  • Piping GADs
  • Isometrics & MTOs
  • Electrical Distribution and layouts
  • Instrumentation
  • Civil foundations and structures

Professional personnel assigned to project

Number of persons (Peak Load)14

Duration (Months)08