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REFINERY, OIL & GAS - Krishnapatnam Port, India

Sector of activity

Oil & Gas

Year of Completion



US$ 22 Million

Project Mandate

To provide basic and detail engineering for LNG Terminal at Andhra Pradesh, India.

Project Description

Floating Storage Units (FSU) shall berth at the port for unloading their cargos. Loading arms with the necessary safety provisions will unload the cargo at a steady rate over about 5 days. The cargo will be unloaded at cryogenic conditions (-163°C). In addition to that, boil-off gas will also be unloaded from the FSU using a dedicated loading arm. The control valve unit at the jetty will provide additional safety provisions. This valve unit will be connected by an insulated pipeline to the storage facility which is about 2200-2500 meters away.

Services Provided

Number of Equipment

There were about 45 number of equipment

The storage terminal includes

  • Double-walled and cryogenically insulated flat bottom storage tank
  • 3 submerged cryogenic liquid transfer pumps
  • 3 HP pumps for pressurizing LNG to the pipeline conditions
  • Ambient air vaporization system
  • Shell and tube type vaporization system with fan coil unit
  • Pressure regulating and metering skid
  • BOG Compressor
  • Trailer fill bays, complete with valve skid with trailing filling and BOG collection, depressurizing skid, drain vessel, suction accumulator, etc.

Professional personnel assigned to project

Number of persons (Peak Load)38

Duration (Months)16