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Plastics-To-Fuel (P2F) Eco-Friendly Plant - Teesside, The United Kingdom

Sector of activity


Year of Completion



US$ 15 Million (Estimated)

Project Mandate

Quanta Process Solutions has been awarded a contract for Pre-FEED, FEED and Detail Design of a grassroots plant to manufacture premium products from waste plastics.

Project Description

The project converts plastic wastes to premium grade naphtha, ultra-low sulphur diesel (EN15940) and fuel oil.

Services Provided

  • Pre-FEED / Technology Intensification
  • FEED
  • Detail Engineering

Number of Equipment

  • More than 50 equipment
  • About 250 process and utility lines

The project features

  • Grassroots facility
  • Process involves high pressure & temperature Hydrotreater reactor system, distillation system consisting of fractionation column & stripper column
  • Conceptual design followed with Heat & Mass balance
  • World’s first Eco-Plant to be set up in UK
  • The plant will help in reducing the plastic waste problem
  • Equipment involved include vessels, reactors, pumps, tanks, columns, heat exchangers and compressors

Professional personnel assigned to project

Number of persons (Peak Load)34

Duration (Months)10