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Chlorination Complex - Jhagadia, Gujarat

Sector of activity


Year of Completion



USD 19 Million

Project Mandate

Quanta Process Solutions was awarded a contract to provide Extended Basic and Detail Engineering of chlorination complex.

Project Description

The chlorination complex consists of 5 dedicated process plants, generation facilities for the associated utilities and the tank farms for storage of the raw materials, intermediates and finished goods (FG).

Services Provided

  • Extended Basic engineering
  • Detail Engineering
  • Procurement assistance

Number of Equipment

  • More than 400 equipment
  • More than 1600 process and utility lines including PTFE lined pipes as well as jacketed lines

The project features

  • Grass-root plant facility
  • Heat & Material Balance
  • PFD, UFD and P&ID Development.
  • Hydraulics calculations for design and sizing of all plants and utility piping systems
  • Equipment specifications for utilities, agitators, vessels, Packers, pumps, tanks, Ejectors, separator & distillation columns, chlorination reactors
  • Complete multi-disciplinary detail engineering including 3D modelling

Professional personnel assigned to project

Number of persons (Peak Load)27

Duration (Months)20