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LPG Extraction Plant-280 Block Okwuibome field, Nigeria

Sector of activityOil & Gas

ClientSterling Oil Exploration and Energy Production Co. (SEEPCO)

Year of Completion2016

CAPEXUSD 42 Million

Project Mandate

To provide FEED and Detail engineering package for LPG plant.

Project Description

SEEPCO has planned to install an LPG Extraction Plant for 50 MMSCFD of associated natural gas (ANG). ANG from the wells drilled in the Okwuibome will be received at process facility. Condensate, gas and water will be separated at the facility and LPG will be extracted from the gas. LPG will be extracted separately as C3 and C4.

Services Provided

  • Conceptual Design, FEED and Detail engineering.

Number of Equipment

There were about 80 number of equipments.

The project features

  • Development of Conceptual Flow Scheme based on study of well-fluid data
  • The facility consists of dehydration system, gas compression system followed by stage-wise refrigeration system to cryogenic temperatures. A JT-valve is used to further lower the temperatures, followed by a three-column cryogenic distillation system to separately recover propane and butane.
  • Master planning for the complete facility including process plant, storages, utilities, flare, admin building, control room, MCC room, road and drains, truck parking and logistics, etc.
  • 3D Model for the complete facility
  • Safety Studies like HAZOP and SIL

Professional personnel assigned to project

Number of persons (Peak Load)56

Duration (months)8