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Specialty Chemicals Plant - Dahej, Gujarat, India

Sector of activityChemical

ClientAlkyl Amines Chemicals Limited (AACL), Dahej, Gujarat, India

Year of completion2017

CAPEXUSD 25 Million

Project Mandate

Quanta Process Solutions was awarded a contract by AACL to provide extended basic, detailed, procurement engineering and construction management for the facility manufacturing a specialty Chemical.

Project Description

The new Specialty Chemicals Plant would comprise of Process Plant, Utility block, RM storage and product storage. The facility consists of reaction stages followed by multi-stage distillation system for separation and finalization of the product.

Services Provided

  • Basic and Detail Engineering
  • SIL Study & HAZOP Study
  • Procurement Engineering
  • Construction Management

Number of Equipment

There were more than 230 equipment.

The project features

  • Grass-root plant facility
  • Reactors, Distillation columns, vessels, agitators, decanters, filters, pumps, tanks
  • PESO Storages, Drum loading, Ammonia storage
  • Utilities like boiler, coal handling, ash handling, DM Water, CW, ETP, DG Set, etc.
  • About 95 Procurement Inquiries

Professional personnel assigned to project

Number of persons (Peak Load)50

Duration (months)8