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    Conceptual Design

    The purpose of Glycol Dehydration unit is removal of water from natural gas and natural gas liquids. When produced from a reservoir, natural gas usually contains a large amount of water and is naturally completely saturated or at the water dew point. This water can cause several problems for downstream processes and equipment. At low temperatures the water can either freeze in piping or, as is more commonly the case, form hydrates with CO2 and hydrocarbons (mainly methane hydrates). Depending on composition, these hydrates can form at relatively high temperatures plugging equipment and piping. Glycol dehydration units depress the hydrate formation point of the gas through water removal.

    Quanta engineers and supply custom design Glycol Dehydration unit which ripe following benefits to the customer:

    Achieve required moisture specs
    • Pipelines / CNG – 100 ppm
    • LPG / LNG – 1 ppm
    • Large gas capacity & low moisture spec
    • Low energy consumption
    • Environment Friendly Design